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Ideal Founder Series 002
Jay Cheng, Founder & CEO of Ingenuity

Mar 17, 2023


面對全球缺工的狀況,人力將比以往的更加吃緊,在這樣的背景下,韜睿的創辦人 - Jay,認為若能提升資訊技術,協助企業流程自動化,將可以大幅改善現在企業普遍遇到的困境 - 人力不足,辦公流程繁瑣。


Facing global labor shortage, Jay believes that if we can automate business processes by enhancing information technology, we can significantly improve the productivity of companies in general when facing labor shortage and the cumbersome admin process. 

The solution brought out by Ingenuity not only improves overall administrative efficiency but also grants companies a more flexible operation.



About Founder 

Jay 在整個訪談的過程,沒有展現出任何難以接近的氣息,相反的,他的一言一舉中盡散發著穩健且堅定的力量。

就如同公司名稱『韜睿』- 韜光養晦,睿智工作,Jay的低調,會讓人一時忘了他是一個獨力撐起一家新創公司的創辦人,但就是這份低調和務實,跟著他一路從無到有,創立了有著獨特靈魂的韜睿。

Throughout the entire interview process, there was no hint of Jay being difficult to approach. On the contrary, his every word and action exuded a steady and firm strength.

Just like the Chinese name of his company "Taorui" - nurturing wisdom, working with sagacity, Jay's low-key demeanor can make people momentarily forget that he is the founder of a startup company that he single-handedly supports. However, it is precisely this low-key and pragmatic attitude that has led him to establish this unique company from scratch.

Q. 請用三個詞形容你自己 / Use three words to describe yourself

低調 靈活 誠信

Humble, Agile, Honest

Q. 如果你沒有開始你的事業,現在的你會在做什麼呢? / If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing? 


Creating a fortune-telling platform has always been something I wanted to accomplish, as I have a strong interest in various topics related to religion, ghosts, aliens, and destiny in different countries. So, if there is a chance in the future, I would like to build a fortune-telling platform of my own.

Q. 在創業的過程中,你面對最艱難的挑戰是什麼 ? / What significant challenges have you faced when working on this company?


As a startup company, the most difficult part is how to make customers trust us. Ingenuity is not the only company that faces this challenge. In my opinion, the best way to address this challenge is to persist in doing the right thing, to stand in the customer's shoes, and to use the best technology to solve their problems. Through this, we can gradually establish trust with our customers. 

Q. 你會對其他的有野心和熱情的創業家說什麼? / What would you tell aspiring startup founders?

事情通常不會這麼順利,故要學習堅強的意志,但同時也不要害怕未知的未來,保持初心,Just do it!

Things usually don't go smoothly, so it's important to have a strong will. At the same time, we should not be afraid of the unknown and stay true to ourselves. Just do it!


About Ingenuity

Q. Ingenuity是誰? /  Who is Ingenuity?




何謂OCR(Optical character recognition)?



⇒自然語言處理 (NLP) 是一種機器學習技術,賦予電腦一顆能夠解譯、操縱及理解人類語言的大腦。

Ingenuity’s mission is to assist enterprises in management and process automation through information technology.

We give computers the ability to “read” paper documents through OCR recognition, provide computers with a brain that can understand text through NLP natural language processing, and connect enterprise workflow management with EIP, electronic signature, customer relationship management system (CRM), project management system, ISO document management, and so on. This helps enterprises to carry out decision analysis and digital transformation.

At the same time, through AI computer vision technology and natural language processing technology, we can process forms that used to require manual data entry by quickly performing OCR recognition on text, recognizing complex data on paper, and extracting important content for text analysis, achieving digitalization needs and reducing manpower.

What is OCR (Optical Character Recognition)?

⇒ Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the process of converting text images, such as receipts or various types of forms filled out manually, into machine-readable text documents. OCR recognition technology gives machines the ability to understand text.

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

⇒ Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a machine learning technology that gives computers a brain to interpret, manipulate, and understand human language.

Q. 用幾句話說明你的公司還有你要解決的問題 / What is your company and problems you are addressing in a few sentences?


By using information technology, we help enterprises with management and process automation,  improving efficiency and capacity of existing manpower, and providing greater flexibility in work modes.


Q. 用簡單的句子形容,你能為誰提供什麼服務 / 產品? / In a few sentences, what do you offer and to whom? 


We provide enterprises with paper form data entry requirements a solution to free up manpower and even increase work flexibility.

Q. 為什麼現在是你的公司存在的時間點? / Why is now the time for your company to exist?


The shortage of human resources in the market has provided Ingenuity with a great opportunity. The time-consuming administrative procedures and the maturity of AI technology have become driving forces for Ingenuity's development. Therefore, now is the best time for Ingenuity to grow and expand.

Q. 是什麼讓你認為韜睿會是現在市場上的最佳解? / Why do you think Ingenuity is the one to solve the problem? 


Before Ingenuity emerged, there were similar solutions in the market. However, many of the existing solutions are mainly in English and cannot effectively process complex forms or even provide tools. Ingenuity's expertise in Mandarin is a key factor in providing high-quality services stably.

Q. 和我們分享目前為止,關於你的產品 / 服務受市場歡迎的吸引力是什麼 ? / What’s most exciting about your traction to date?


What clients need is someone who can understand them and lead them to solve problems together. Each project and each customer's requirements are unique, and Ingenuity's greatest advantage is to create products that are best suited to them by understanding their needs and working with them closely.

Q. 你認為在明年你的成長里程碑會是什麼 ? / Where do you think your growth and milestones will be next year? (Short term)


I hope to find more partners who share Ingenuity's values next year, regardless of their background or expertise. I hope to find partners with similar values and principles, who also recognize the value of nurturing wisdom and working with sagacity.

Q. 目前你的公司正在尋找什麼? (例如:資金、新市場擴張、人才?) / What would be the 3 things that your company is looking for now? (e.g. Funding, new market expansion, new hires?) 


Together, we can make Ingenuity even better with partners and more abundant funding for research and development and human resource applications.


Special Question

Q. 你會如何和其他新創公司的創辦人分享你的經驗和感想,關於成為理想Ideal 社群中的一員? / What would you tell other startup founders about being part of the Ideal community and your experience here?


Ideal is filled with passionate people who are marching towards their goals. If you are also searching for your ideal, you can come to Ideal and work with them to achieve it!

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