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Ideal Founder Series 009
Joanne Su, Founder of Buonogf

Jul 14, 2023




About Founder 

“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.” 


注重工作與生活平衡的 Joanne,在創業之路上面對了許多重要的抉擇。這些抉擇不僅牽涉到公司的存續與發展方向,更與家庭關係及夢想息息相關。面對人生中重要的問題,Joanne也曾感到迷惑。然而,她最終明白了一件事情:


It’s impossible for us to know where our past and present actions will ultimately lead us. However, the present is in our hands.

Joanne - founder of Buonogf, who values work-life balance highly, has faced many critical choices on her entrepreneurial journey. These choices involve not only the survival of the company, but also her family and dreams. 

Facing all these choices, Joanne was also confused at a point. However, she eventually understood one thing - no one can predict the future, and the future path is ever changing. The only thing we can do is to seize the moment. And when we eventually look back in time, we will hold pieces of the past in our hands, building our trajectory bit by bit.

Q. 請用三個詞形容你自己 / Use three words to describe yourself


Love, persistent, keen

Q. 如果你沒有開始你的事業,現在的你會在做什麼呢? / If you weren’t building your startup, what would you be doing? 



簡而言之,假如今天我沒有開始經營 Buonogf,除了我原來的工作以外,我也會投入大量的時間來探討關於心靈的問題。但我仍然會堅守一個原則,那就是活在當下。我相信這些疑問終將會找到答案,雖然現在還不明確,但如果現在無法真切地感受當下,那麼在未來也就更無從探討這些所謂的心靈問題。

This is a question that I've been constantly asking myself, and my answer at this moment would be to explore the essence and profundity of life.

Ever since I was young, I've been curious about what happens after a person passes away, whether the soul still exists and where it goes? Even the very concept of what a soul is, has always fascinated me. 

Simultaneously, family relationships are also an intricate and worthy subject of study. Along the way, I've accumulated many unanswered questions, all these questions intertwine, yet they don't confuse me; instead, they stimulate my curiosity even more.

In summary, if I hadn't founded Buonogf today, aside from my original profession, I would probably spend a considerable amount of time exploring questions about the soul. Yet, I would still stick to one principle, which is to live in the present. I believe that these uncertainties will eventually find their answers, even though they are unclear now, if I cannot truly experience the present, it would be impossible to explore these so-called spiritual issues in the future.

Q. 在創業的過程中,你遇到的最大驚喜是什麼 ? / What is the biggest surprise you’ve experienced along the way?

無疑,Buonogf 的誕生是我人生中最大的驚喜。最初,是我丈夫的朋友介紹我們當前的油品供應商給我。然而,在那個時候,我的人生已經有了周密的計劃。所以面對這個意想不到的機遇,期待與擔憂不斷在胸口輪流湧動。



如今回首,我對當年那個勇敢的自己感激不盡。當時對合作的不安和恐懼讓我倍感壓力,但當我咬緊牙關、堅定地前進時,我意識到這正是我人生旅途中最大的驚喜 —— 在極度不安的情況下勇往直前,創立了 Buonogf。

Undoubtedly, the inception of Buonogf has been the most exhilarating surprise in my life. Initially,  our current oil product supplier was introduced to me through my husband's friend. However, at that time, my life was already mapped out with plans. Thus, being presented with this golden opportunity, expectations and fear were pounding my chest in turns.

At that moment, I did not take the deal. I took my time as this was a decision that could impact my entire life.

A year later, my emotions were a cocktail of apprehension and anxiety as I cautiously, yet expectantly, seized this invaluable opportunity. With a one-year-old child at the time, I was well aware that if I did not take the leap then, nothing would ever change.

Looking back now, I am proud of myself for making that life-altering decision. The initial unease was indeed overwhelming, but as I clenched my teeth and pressed forward with resolve, I realized that this was the greatest gift of my journey – marching onward amid tremendous uncertainty and laying the cornerstone for Buonogf.

Q. 在創業的過程中,你面對最艱難的挑戰是什麼 ? / What significant challenges have you faced when working on this company?

當我們的商品組合都是比較高單價的食品的時候,我們就必須要給消費者更長的週期去建立信任,而這樣的產品也更需要仰賴客戶之間的口耳相傳,去建立屬於每個商品,甚至 Bounogf 的口碑。

這樣的產品組合也會帶來一些挑戰,我們必須更精準的去掌握市場未來的趨勢,以避免因為一些不可控的因素影響到我們的供應鏈,並提前和供應商協調對應的解決方法。尤其當供應鏈和我們有著一定程度文化差異的時候,我們就必須花更多時間溝通並且理解對方目前的處境,才有辦法進一步解決問題。When our product line is composed of higher-priced food items, it’s imperative for us to allow consumers a longer timeframe to build trust. Moreover, such products heavily rely on word-of-mouth amongst customers, which is crucial in establishing a reputation for each product and for Bounogf as a brand.

This kind of product assortment brings along certain challenges. We need to accurately anticipate market trends to avoid supply chain disruptions due to uncontrollable factors and to coordinate contingency plans with suppliers well in advance. Particularly when there are cultural differences between our supply chain partners and us, it's essential to invest more time in communication and understanding of each other's circumstances to effectively address and resolve issues.

Q. 你是怎麼衡量你的成功? 你衡量的標準是什麼? / At the moment, how do you measure success? What are your metrics?



In my perspective, success isn't merely a clearly defined objective, but rather a process and a state. Even if we encounter significant setbacks during our journey, it doesn't signify our failure; similarly, a single victory worth celebrating doesn't mean our journey is finished and fulfilled. What I value more is whether we become more grounded after such persistent efforts, and whether we've developed stronger resilience when faced with adversity.

Besides the progress and crisis management at the company level, maintaining family relationships has always been one of the vital aspects of my life. In this regard, I don't seek a perfect balance, as no choice is ever entirely satisfactory. However, after gaining a deeper understanding of my life, what matters most is whether I better comprehend 

how I should restore the balance amidst these complex issues with no definitive answers.

Q. If you could have done one thing differently while building your startup, what would it be?



Initiating our marketing strategies earlier, starting during the preparation phase, laying the groundwork in advance. 

Bounogf Good Food is not only engaged in distribution but also in retail business, making brand marketing extremely important for us. Given the relatively high prices of our products, it's inevitable that we need to spend more time building consumer confidence.

Q. 你會對其他的有野心和熱情的創業家說什麼? / What would you tell aspiring startup founders? 




Adversities are inevitable; they'll show up every now and then, sometimes at the worst possible moments. I think most people will agree that owning our own business can be quite refreshing, even cool, but we all understand it's not that easy.

The question is, how should we mentally deal with these challenges that might occur due to a one-time setback, a lack of patience, or even laziness, considering we're only human?

What we need is not a single huge success to help us bounce back from failure. Instead, we should take it one step at a time, ensuring we can sustain this approach daily. This is what it really looks like to run a startup.


About Buonogf

Q. 波諾好食是誰,並說明波諾好食想解決的問題? /  Who is Buonogf? And what are the problems you and Buonogf are trying to address in a few sentences?

工作並非我生活中的全部,特別是自己成為母親後,我對世界的觀點發生了顯著變化。現在,我更加重視提升生活的整體品質,並希望可以透過 Buonogf 將這樣的理念也分享給所有認識我們的人。

然而我的目標不只是透過事業維護家庭,更希望能實踐 Buonogf 的使命,將 Buonogf 打造為一個平台和理念,激勵更多人為我們共享的環境和社會出一份力。


Working on Buonogf isn’t the only thing I care about in life. What I really value is enhancing the overall quality of life, which is also the philosophy I wish to share with the help of Buonogf. This vision has become clearer in recent years, especially since the birth of my child.

My ambitions extend beyond financially supporting my family through Buonogf; I seek to realize Buonogf's mission, turning it into a platform and ideology that inspires more people to contribute to our shared environment and society.

As food importers, our objectives are not limited to bringing delicious food to Taiwanese consumers. Gourmet food is already a must in Taiwan, but we place greater emphasis on whether a product or brand is committed to contributing to the environment and society throughout its production and sales processes – aspects often overlooked by consumers. In Taiwan, we hope to act as a filter for consumers, thereby enhancing their overall consumption experience.

Q. 用簡單的句子形容,你能為誰提供什麼服務 / 產品? / In a few sentences, what do you offer and to whom? 


We are committed to offering consumers who are aware of environmental protection with products from manufacturers we have carefully selected for their strong sense of social responsibility. For those who are interested in trying these products but lack of access, we aspire to be their gateway to experiencing the meticulous craftsmanship and superior quality of these products first-hand.

Q. 為什麼現在是你的公司存在的時間點? / Why is now the time for your company to exist?

​​對於大部分的現代人而言,「環保意識」已經漸漸從選擇的附加價值轉化成基本需求。然而,如何選擇真正環保且品質優良的產品,對消費者來說,依然是一項挑戰。因此,Buonogf 的使命就是要為消費者挑選出最好的產品。我們希望不僅為現有的客群帶來便利,同時也為那些正在考慮,或因為挑選難度過高而猶豫的消費者提供一個行動的契機。


For most people today, "environmental consciousness" has transitioned from a nice-to-have attribute to a must-have. However, selecting genuinely eco-friendly and high-quality products remains a challenge for consumers. That's where Buonogf steps in - our mission is to pick the best products for consumers. We aim to not only make life easier for our current clients but also offer a starting point for those considering or hesitant due to the complexity of making the right choice.

We really believe that such products will become the trend of the future. Hence, we continually expand our product range, hoping that such choices are not just a passing trend, but rather evolve into a lifestyle philosophy.

Q. 你認為在今年你的成長里程碑會是什麼 ? / Where do you think your growth and milestones will be for 2023? (Short term)


While we try to manage the risks we might be facing with more accuracy, and bring more opportunities to Buonogf by optimizing our supply chain. We also hope we could truly convey our lifestyle philosophy to our consumers by doing so.

Q. 目前你的公司正在尋找什麼? (例如:資金、新市場擴張、人才?) / What would be the 3 things that your company is looking for now? (e.g. Funding, new market expansion, new hires?) 


What we urgently need at this stage are more food manufacturers who are willing to collaborate with us. Before we can focus on securing additional resources, it's crucial that we first address the risks stemming from our current sales portfolio. 

If we rush to resolve future issues without paying adequate attention to existing ones, we might inadvertently introduce even more hidden risks, despite seemingly having solved the problems for the future.


Meet The Team

Q. 你有團隊嗎? 請介紹一下團隊成員,以及你喜歡你團隊的什麼部分? / Do you have a team? If yes, what do you love about your team??

我們的團隊現在分工明確,包括專職美術設計的 Mavis HSIEH,負責公司內勤及採購的Jeff SU,以及我自己主要擔任策略規劃、開發和公司品牌營銷的角色。Mavis對視覺圖像設計有著深厚的興趣和熱情,寫作才華橫溢,她的專業與投入是無與倫比的。Jeff SU,我的弟弟,對事務的組織和規劃有著獨到的見解,同時也長時間專研食品和品酒,味覺敏銳,是開發潛力新品牌的理想人選。


Our team now has clear divisions of labor, with Mavis HSIEH specializing in graphic design, Jeff SU in charge of in-house operations and procurement, and myself primarily focusing on strategic planning, development, and company brand marketing. 

Mavis has a deep passion and interest in visual graphic design, with impressive literary talent. Her professionalism and commitment are unparalleled. Jeff SU, my brother, has a unique perspective on the organization and planning of affairs. He has spent a long time studying food and wine tasting, and his sensitive taste makes him the ideal choice for developing potential new brands.

We believe that it is excellent to have a team made up of members with different characteristics. Everyone can excel in their own fields and focus wholeheartedly on their work scope. Having reliable partners is undoubtedly the key to ensuring the team's sustainable development.


Special Question

Q. 你會如何和其他新創公司的創辦人分享你的經驗和感想,關於成為理想Ideal 社群中的一員? / What would you tell other startup founders about being part of the Ideal community and your experience here?

Ideal不僅僅是一家辦公空間租賃公司,更是一個能讓人感到安心的合作夥伴。Ideal 高度重視每一家在此註冊或辦公的公司,不論規模大小,都以同樣熱情、專業的態度提供著非常客製化的服務,讓初創企業得到更多的支持和後盾。此外,這裡充滿活力和正能量。我們推薦大家親自來體驗 Ideal 的服務和環境,相信一定會獲益良多!

We highly recommend people to visit Ideal if a community which will make them grow is what they’re looking for.

Ideal is more than just an office rental company; it's the perfect place for collaborative partnerships that instills confidence. Ideal holds in high regard each and every company that registers or operates here, and irrespective of their size. They offer startups with the same level of zeal and professionalism through highly customized services. This, in turn, ensures that startups receive an abundance of support and backing while the environment here is teeming with energy and positivity. 

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